Base Model

As we unroll a complex system into 2d or 3d space we must first find persistent organizing properties that can become routinely recognized dimensions.

Our radio network simulation uses state outlines in an admittedly distorting rectangular projection. This simplifies locating stations and related decorations. enlarge

We blur the lines which make these easily recognizable shapes recede from what ever we draw on them. Even as a map overlay itself they still serve the purpose.

BOUNDARY 15.9613291, -129.3750000 BOUNDARY 53.9560855, -62.0507813 OVERLAY 22.7153900, -126.8261719 50.5692829, -64.9951172

A system might be known through an assortment of related diagrams. These might be composed into a base model by identifying the things they hold in common and through which Semantic Decorations pass. enlarge