Collaborative View

We design for sharing of immediate and partial results. We favor mechanisms where observed effects can be named and those names enter into the design vocabulary.

We intend to build on what we have learned from federated wiki and to fold our most powerful new mechanisms back into that environment.

We expect most of our work to be born open in both method and code. We're not opposed to specific industrial applications materially benefiting from our results.

We're prototyping our table-top technology in a client-server collaboration between threejs and rust application on the laptop host.

digraph { rankdir=TB node [shape=none] canvas screen glasses node [shape=box style=filled fillcolor=palegreen] threejs -> canvas canvas -> incomming [label=socket] incomming -> accept [label=closure] canvas -> accept [label=websocket] accept -> ggez [label=channel] ggez -> screen ggez -> glasses }