Table-Top Augmented Reality

We anticipate Tilt-Five's AR glasses will offer a superior viewing and interactive experience for any complex engineering model. Here we present a sequence of scripts we've built to explore this opportunity.

We explored network traffic animation with dots representing transactions and moving at proportional speed. script

We look to meaningful animated decoration of familiar diagrams such as our radio network projected onto a space defined by state outlines. script

We've developed a metadata cartographic tool for annotating the diagrams that engineers draw to explain their systems. script

We've projected multiples of these diagrams into three space and animated a path through them. script

We may have overestimated the prevalence and uniformity of available engineering diagrams so we turn to controlled complexity of automatic renderings. script

We generate hundreds of variations all suitable as basemaps for further 3d rendering now in an environment with copious details for elaboration. script

Additional work in progress will prepare us to meet the system needs of the 3d equipment we have already ordered and expect to arrive before the year is out.

# Related

To support this continuing experiment we've written a series of visions, principles, manifestos and system design documents.

Share the Wonder with 3d in real space.

Active Observability for constructed experience.

Collaborative Reality in the federation.

Infinite Tracing illustrated by animated diagram.

Demo Sim & Viz where we explore models.