Analysis Tools

The initial analysis consisted of time series recordings of critical parameters such as queue lengths and delivery times as well as scatter charts of ratios of interest. page

The later visualization showed geographical locations, queue sizes, interconnectivity and channel activity. Routing behavior was shown by an interactive trace route display of either all possible routes to one city or specific routes between two cities. pdf

We hope to build revolutionary interactive visualizations based on emerging table top augmented reality displays. See Table-Top Augmented Reality


We're developing the map.html as a work in progress. We save interesting versions and explain what they did that informed our progress. Use Show Page Source for code.


Hop Player animated messages moving from station to station as a d3 transition. The traffic so rendered was prerecorded so this is just a player.

Spell Player adds the basemap and spells to the hop-player while still rendering the same arrival script and static routing.